Although we can source for you the ultimate product or food ingredient, we are specialized in a few markets. (See below)


Gluten free malts from Grouse Malt House

We always wondered why large breweries use chemicals to create gluten free beers, based on barley. We always thought it would be better to start with gluten free ingredients to create gluten free beers.

With Grouse Malt House (Wellington USA) we found a strong partner on gluten free malts, to create naturally gluten free beers.  They are specialized in gluten free malt, based on different grains, like millet, buckwheat, corn and oats.

With more then 35 different malt types, there is no beer that you can’t brew. The malts are available in a conventional or organic quality.

Take a look at for the malts available.

Your imagination is your limitation.

Bakery & Pastry

We offer a large range of gluten free products, like bread, pastry, cakes, donuts, etc. Single packed or multi packed. But always good on taste. As a former owner of a gluten free brand we know that taste makes the difference and will bind customers to your brand.


With our suppliers we can offer a broad line of gluten free, organic of conventional wraps in different size. We also offer tortilla chips, popcorn, gluten free pizza bases and gluten free pita bread.

Part of the line is fresh and shelf stable, but we can also deliver as frozen products. Topped or just a base.

Your imagination is your limitation. Beetroot, spinach, kale, or something else? Let us know what you want as an ingredient in your wrap and our suppliers will develop for you.

These products are soo good, you wont know it is gluten free.

Ingredients & raw materials

We offer a range of flours and mixes, gluten free, or gluten free malt based on millet, oat, buckwheat or corn. Great for different purposes: Texture, sweetener or taste.