Functional foods

It is almost impossible to create new products without a function: low carb, high protein, no grains, gluten free, allergen free. Or products special developed for specific markets, like 50+, sports, beauty etc. We understand what you are looking for and will find the right products and partners for you.. With our experience from over 15 years, we most certain have the right production partner for you.

Gluten free

With almost 20 years of experience, we know the gluten free market as no one else. What kind of product you need, we can help you find the right product and the right producer. We have contact with more then 150 suppliers of gluten free food, through the whole of Europe and we are sure we can find your product that makes the difference.


Vegan doesn’t always mean tasty. Just aiming for the small vegan group, or do you want to reach also the meat eaters with your products. Their are many ways to make a product vegan, soja, beans, etc. But at the end the customer decides if the product is good enough to survive in the shell of the retailer.

Free from allergens

A claim is just a claim if you are monitoring all the steps in the process. Then you are sure and you can use the claim on your product. We often see that on the front a product is claimed as lactose free, where at the back it says “Can contain traces of milk”. That is defensive allergen management and we cant support that.

If you need your products to be allergen free, our suppliers can support that with the right documents Let us help you making your products allergen free.

Nutritional values

High Protein, Low Carb, High Fiber, less salt, we can help you to establish a product or productline based on these foodclaims. Undependent what business you are in.