Gluten free malts from Grouse Malt House

We always wondered why large breweries use chemicals to create gluten free beers, based on barley. We always thought it would be better to start with gluten free ingredients to create gluten free beers. With Grouse Malt House (Wellington USA) we found a strong partner on gluten free malts, to create naturally gluten free beers.  … Lees meer

Nutritional values

High Protein, Low Carb, High Fiber, less salt, we can help you to establish a product or productline based on these foodclaims. Undependent what business you are in.

Free from allergens

A claim is just a claim if you are monitoring all the steps in the process. Then you are sure and you can use the claim on your product. We often see that on the front a product is claimed as lactose free, where at the back it says “Can contain traces of milk”. That … Lees meer


Vegan doesn’t always mean tasty. Just aiming for the small vegan group, or do you want to reach also the meat eaters with your products. Their are many ways to make a product vegan, soja, beans, etc. But at the end the customer decides if the product is good enough to survive in the shell … Lees meer

Gluten free

With almost 20 years of experience, we know the gluten free market as no one else. What kind of product you need, we can help you find the right product and the right producer. We have contact with more then 150 suppliers of gluten free food, through the whole of Europe and we are sure … Lees meer

Sourcing & Productdevelopment

We know the market and it is almost impossible not finding the right product. We have had many sourcing request, and if the product is not available, we certainly know the right company that can help you te establish your dreams. At this moment we are involved in sourcing sunflower oil from the Ukrain,  


We can offer a range of gluten free malts to be used in Bakery, Brewery and snack industry. But also ready to use gluten free mixes etc.


Do you have customers with special wishes? Do you need packaging for Foodservice, just let us know and we find your product. At this moment we offer a strong range of product gluten free for the foodservice, like gastronomy, hotels and hospitality, catering. Ask us what we can offer.


We have experience in offering products to the retailers. Most of the time based on tenders, we also are able to find the right products for the right price. We can also help develop a line of gluten free of vegan Private Label products. You have the ideas, we find the products.

Bakery & Pastry

We offer a large range of gluten free products, like bread, pastry, cakes, donuts, etc. Single packed or multi packed. But always good on taste. As a former owner of a gluten free brand we know that taste makes the difference and will bind customers to your brand.